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Lessons from Unity Cedar Rapids

Unity is a positive path for spiritual living. We gather to create an experience of Spirit.

At UnityCR, we offer practical teachings that empower abundant and meaningful living. Meeting you right where you are, we endeavor to provide a variety of ways to support YOUR path of spiritual living.

Oct 23, 2023

As a follow up to her recent series, Rev. Debra will explore how we respond to change with intention and commitment.  This causes circumstances to unfold in good order for the highest and best for all concerned.

Oct 9, 2023

Rev. Debra continues her exploration of Finding Yourself in Transition by Rev. Robert Brumet.  This week, she reminds us that each season of life is to be honored, including the time in the wilderness --or as Rev. Brumet terms it, "The Void."  He writes: "In order to become who we really are, we must let go of who we...

Aug 21, 2023

Using the gospel account of the "Loaves and Fishes" in Luke, Rev. Debra focuses on the multiplying power of gratitude and thanksgiving.

In Spiritual Economics, Eric Butterworth writes: "...gratitude is not for God...You are not obligated to thank God for your life, for your job, for your prosperity.  However, giving...

Aug 20, 2023

Eric Butterworth writes in Spiritual Economics: 

 "The word 'affluence' is an overworked word in our time, usually implying cars and houses and baubles of all kinds.  Its literal meaning is 'an abundance flow'... and when we are consciously centered in the universal flow, we experience inner direction and the unfoldment...

Jul 23, 2023

Rev. Debra will invite you into a larger vision for your life, your relationships, your community, and the world.

The power of discerning a larger vision!